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Faster, bigger, stronger

Category: Sport | Date: 25.06.2014.

Competition, assessment, muscle-bending – all this is included in the slogan of the modern Olympic Games. The idea 'Faster, bigger, stronger' is present at the official sport events. Prior to the Olympic Games, sportsmen, especially children and youth entered all kinds of competitions fro many different things.

Olympics of Old Sports in Brodjanci

In Slavonia wheeling, tug-of-war, stone put, and horseshoe toss are only few of the many old sports which have been the events of the Olympics in Brodjanci at the end of August for more than 40 years. This is the international competition of different ancient sports, which shepherds played as they were herding their sheep, after work farmers and their children played them. A competition in which young men try to defeat their opponents and the neighbouring villages' youth. These old sports like tug-of-war, stone put, horseshoe toss or sack-race have no serious competitions today, but they offer great entertainment for both the participants and the viewers. In addition, they organize an exhibition of the collected pictures, shows of folk groups, singing, carriages and horse-riders. The folkloristic exhibition includes gastronomic events, as well: national dishes, drinks, home-made cookies and the inevitable ox on the grill.


And here it is! A video recording of the slingshot match. It is unbelievable, but anthropologists state that the slingshot is the oldest tool for hunting, whose application develops the skill of 'shooting far', which will be valuable later on in javelin throwing. While javelin became a classical athletics sport, slingshot did not. But never mind! Instead of the Greeks, it is the Slavons that hold the Olympics were slingshot is one of the events. So the result is an excellent touristic programme in Slavonia at the Slingshot competition. This unique sport and folklore event takes place each year on the first Sunday of September in Radikovci, near Donji Miholjac. The event outgrew itself stepping over the boundaries of the local programmes. We still remember that not so long ago every Slavonian boy had a slingshot in his pocket. Desperate and frightened Slavonian birds, the computers must be happy, because they have been replaced by the slingshots.

At the slingshot competition they also organize the competitions of drummers and of artists.


In Slavonia with a little good intention we can say that all sorts are possible. Well, alright, not all of them, for instance Alpic skiing, but rock climbing is absolutely doable. The mountains Psunj, Ravna Gora, Papuk, Krndija, Dilj Gora are situated in the Pozega valley and are like some water drops on a plate – Slavonia's mountain wreath. There are mountain tops that reach 1000 metres – these can be great destinations for hiking. Hikers who like walking should plan a trip to Dilj mountain which is only about an hour’s walk from Slavonski Brod. They will go through Cardak check point, on Slavonian mountain roads and a roundabout at Dilj, which stands on 27metre tall column and offers a great shelter fro hikers if they are caught up in rain.


We all know that biking is an interesting and enjoyable activity. By bike we can get to places quicker, we can go through beautiful scenery, we can see forest trails, which offer a wonderful view for all bikers. Slavonia seems to have been made for bikers. Those who strive for bigger challenges can ride their bikes for hours in Slavonia and of course, they will not miss out on relaxing and refreshing.

For adrenaline addicts there is something even more exciting than riding their bikes on hiking trails. For example, driving a jeep, for those who like adventure. People who are seeking special entertainment should visit Lipica. They should have a look at the stud farm, where they can ride a horse or a carriage or even drive a carriage.

Seeing Kopacki Rit by boat or by any other means gives a life-long experience. If you go to Slavonia, visit Kopacki Rit. The lakes, the waters, the old bed of the Drava will all cheer you up. This will be the best way to get away from your everyday routine. A day full of joy, beauty and Baranya meadow. After rowing for 3-4 hours, plentiful refreshments will await you at the old bed of the Drava.

SWIMMING Recreation, swimming at the beaches of the Danube at Aljmas, or Puškaš, or the popular holiday resort at Vukovar Ibiza Ada. The Danube with its depth and speed offers a big challenge for many people. People who come to Slavonia or Baranja and would like to see the Danube usually go to Batina or Aljmas to see the river at its confluence with the Drava. At these locations there are the holiday resorts which are natural and suitable places to swim.

Puškaš is an ideal place for camping. It is an isolated place, still close to civilization in case it is needed.

The popular summer resort is a 10-minute boat-ride on the Danube from Vukovar. A wonderful sandy beach, a pavilion, shady forests and a beach volley court offer a great way to relax. The beach is accessible by boat, as well. In the entire season visitors are brought here from the city by boat.

Finally, instead of giving you a long list of sports facilities in Slavonia, let's see the short message of Zlatna Greda, the eco-centre: 'Would you like to see rare birds? Escape mosquitoes by bike? Discover old forest trails? Roll a wheel at the loncarski workshop? Observe with binoculars stags and wild boars as they are grazing? Learn to cook cobanac (=shepherd's stew) from the locals? Ride a boat on the channels of the Rit? Drive a jeep on the main road? Row a canoe, play golf or discover the ridges of the mountains in Baranya? Sit around in the vineyard or simply check if Baranya is real or only a tail? Ask the eco-centre Zlatna Greda about the details.