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Urban Generation Festival Events

Category: Sights | Date: 25.06.2014.


PANONA FEST urban getaway

PanonaFest is a festival whose aim is to draw Slavonic cities and ecotourism closer. The festival takes place on numerous venues from Osijek to Erdut. You can get to know small family businesses and farms which are social ventures.

People who are interested could take part in canoeing, running, biking and other outdoor activities organized by PanonaFest on the river, fields and dirt roads between Osijek and Erdut.

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Supporting extreme sports, good music, good atmosphere and Osijek.

The contest named Panonian Challenge is organized by the Pannon Association with the aim to unite extreme sports with youth subcultures. It offers the following sport facilities: skateboarding, BMX, rollerskating and mountain biking.

This festival has been supporting extreme sports and music for years. The organizers give home to several media and lots of guests who come back regularly from all over the world.

The extreme event will take place on the 15th birthday of the programme series, between 13th and 17th August 2014.

SURDUK festival in Baranya

The Surduk Festival started in 2009. It is an international event that unites winery, art and tourism. There are several concerts, famous artists’ exhibitions, theatre performances, art and ethnographic lectures, folk markets.

During the time of the festival buses take the participants to Surduk on a reduced price. Accommodation is provided at local hosts.

The word ‘surduk’ in Baranya means a steep-sided valley on the road worn by running water, its length can be up to several meters. Usually it is entwined by roots of trees whose foliage sometimes covers the ravine and makes it look like a tunnel. Dictionaries mention the word ‘surduk’ as being of Turkish origin meaning a ravine, or a slit between two hills. According to other views the word ‘surduk’ originates from the Hungarian word ‘szurdok’ (which means ravine). The main reason for this is that in this region the word occurs as both place-name and a common noun.

No matter who joins the festival, it is absolutely sure that they will have a great time. For the event the ravine opens up as the foliage of the trees – there will be good wine, good performances, concerts and art shows. It is worth coming here. Come, have a look at it yourself and win! Win the excellent entertainment!

SZALMA Land Art Festival (STRAW Land Art Festival)

Szalma – land art festival is one of the most popular cultural-touristic events in Baranya. The festival unites cultural and traditional heritage with natural resources and supports a sustainable future. In a few days the participating artists display in open-air almost 1000 straw bale creations.

In the beginning this festival was local, but with time it grew into one all across the county of Baranya and it became a popular tourist attraction.

In the middle of August an international group of artists get together and as a team, still taking good care of recording copyright, they start a day-long work in the area.

The last day of the event is the closing ceremony which attracts a big number of visitors from surrounding cities and villages. Different cultural-artistic clubs, associations, musicians, and traditional craftsmen appear on stage, also you can enjoy the region’s culinary wonders.

Thanks to the harvest, the biggest statue in the sunset, joy is reflected in the eyes of the visitors.


The Danube-Drava international folk festival is traditionally organized every year in Bilje, where the local people show their cultural heritage and richness. This is a true meeting point for those living along the rivers Danube and Drava. The role of the folk market is to preserve the cultural and natural heritage of the Danube region.

The folk get-together kicks off with a fishing competition, later on ecological goods, cakes, pieces of arts and crafts and souvenirs are offered for purchase. Year after year the number of vendors and the size of their stalls are getting bigger and bigger.

You can taste various roasted fish and beef dishes, traditional roasts with palinka. You can visit local pottery workshops, children can play around, ride on the wooden merry-go-round, jump over straw bales. All visitors can try the traditional rural carriage. The members of the old sport club of Bilje also contribute to the folk market – each year they organize the championships of tug-of-war and arm wrestling.


Land without borders – the international summer cultural educational program for children and youths takes place each year in Osijek, at the end of August and the beginning of September.

The event was launched by the Breza Youth Association in 2004 with the purpose to involve creative children and youth and children with special needs in the program.