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The House of Mecsek Cave Tourism Centre

Category: Sights | Date: 22.07.2014.

Adventurous visitors can gain insight into the underground world of The Mecsek Hill which is full of miracles. In the area of the Mecsek mountains about a hundred caves can be found. On the variety of bedrock covered with limestone is largely not karst covered, only small surfacings can be found , which tells us what is hiding under our feet. These are gorges, deep, funnel-shaped sink-holes and some real, operating karst springs. Most of the Mecsek Hills caves are narrow, with winding shafts, start out as sink-holes and then clog up after 20-30 meters. These kinds of sink-holes feed the cave of Abaliget , as well as the cave of Vízfő spring in Orfű. The supplier of the needed amount of potable water, high runoff karst spring is one of the main feeders of the lakes, ponds, it is the main base for maintaining the ecological balance in them..

The House of Mecsek Cave Tourism Centre have discovered and researched a number of caves. Besides the exploration of the wonderful world of caves their goal is that others can learn, understand how they work. With their activities they would like to draw attention of all generations to the importance of the protection of caves. Their call is to teach and show for adults and for kids what way the caves are formed, what the water does to a rock, why it develops in the cave where it does, what formations are hidden in the cavities, what kind of organisms live, or dwell in caves. Provide a Joyful, rich in entertainment experience for all the visitors, be it a little rest in the shade, visiting the exhibition, maybe a dwelling for a few days in Orfű or a real cave tour.

Caving opportunities:

Trió Cave

The Trió Cave is one of the most important sink hole caves in the Mecsek Mountain.

6th longest (240 m), and 3rd deepest (55 m) cave in the area.
Its main attraction is its diversity. There are many different variations of narrow passages, spacious shafts, wide roads, crevices, slots. In the unembanked Trió Cave passing by shiny stalactites, we can discover the secrets of the cave during a body and soul challenging adventure.

The first third of the cave is tight, crawly, but a very fascinating part (Csúszda, Ablak, Liftakna). The second, middle part is a spacious passage colored with shafts, and wonderful stalactite and stalagmite formations (Rétes-terem, Búbos-kemence, Zászló, Tamás-akna). Here built in ladders help the tourists. In the first shaft there is the Búbos Kemence and the over-hanging stalactite flag is one of the largest of stalactites and stalagmites formations of the Mecsek. The third part of the cave is again a narrower crevice-type the tunnel divided by smaller rooms (Vizes-ág, , Agyagos-ág). The karst formations of the Nagyköves Hall and the of Agyagos-ág number 1 and 2 Halls draw the visitors attention to themselves with beautiful colors and shapes..

Szuadó Cave

Szuadó-cave is the 7th longest (230 m) and 4th deepest (54 m) cave of the Mecsek-mountain. The cave was discovered on 3rd December, 1994, but they only managed to break the clastic rocks on the summer of 2000 which was blocking the entrance of the cave. More success was achieved in the spring of 2006, discovering a 62 m a branch of the cave with stalactites and a rivulet in it. The narrow passages at the entrance can be passed only through crawling and creeping. (Postaláda, Gatyaszaggató, Csobogás-terem, Gumós, Cseppköves-terem). From Nagyomlás a more spacious passage is ahead, with a creek, a waterfall flowing down in a small canyon, strongly ravaged, with serrated rocks (Álló Hall, Sára Spring, Sára Falls, Mese-canyon, Kezes-lábas). The most monumental part of the cave is the Grand Shaft. The rest of the cave, about 100 m is characterised by a creek and narrow passages. Under exploration, at present. Due to its values the Szuadó Cave is highly protected. The characteristics of caves: The caves are not embanked. The passage is partially muddy, one might have to crawl and climb. The length of the tour on the surface is 2,5 kilometers, in the cave 200 meters. It takes about: 4 hours, in the cave 2 hours. The cave temperature is 10 C°.

In addition to the caving with children's camps the surface tours, the night tours, the courage trials, the summer camps, the forest school programs can provide an excellent program for field trips, or even school trips too. Their aims are to understand the underground caving world and environmental problems, get to know the natural environment, to develop environmental awareness and to promote it, influence it in a positive direction. The lectures, the underground geography lessons are not only for children, school children, but also for adults can make an excellent way to acquire knowledge and relax.


The small cottage of the House of Mecsek houses a high standard tourist accommodation on the edge of the forest, it is an ideal headquarter for groups and companies wishing to hike and relax. The building is well equipped, a space for cooking is provided on the ground floor in a small kitchen. In winter, the warm tile stove makes the cottage more enjoyable for relaxation and leisure. On the first floor there is a comfortable apartment a room for two and 13-person bedroom, in the attic room there is a 22-person filled with mattresses room awaits its guests. On the ground floor, in the spacious common space one can learn about the diverse flora and fauna of the caves through an exhibition. Next to The house stew and barbecue space is located which complete the community experiences and relaxation.

Come for an unforgettable adventure tour to the Mecsek Mountain, explore the caves with us!

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