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Festival Guide

Category: Sights | Date: 22.07.2014.


Hangulatsziget és Romkocsma Fesztivál 2014 (Festival of Island of Moods and RuinPubs)

4 June - 3 August 2014

The downtown of Pecs comes alive in July; the festival of islands of moods is coming! Street musicians, jugglers, living statues and other street artists invade the downtown. Street circus performances, clowns, acrobats, jugglers, their tricks will fill the city squares. The participating restaurants are expecting customers with evening entertainment: jazz, blues music and bar music to color the summer evenings.

Rockmaraton Festival 2014

7 July – 13 July 2014

Rock Marathon Festival is one of the most important rock festivals in Hungary, which is held at the beautiful location near Pécs in the Malomvölgy arboretum, and lasts a week. International representatives of the Hungarian underground music entertain the audience. The Rock Marathon is a rock festival to the core but there are sports facilities and cultural programs for everyone in every situation

Ars Sacra Fesztivál 2014

13 – 21 September 2014

During the week of The Sanctifies Arts of Pécs at several points a number of cultural events, exhibitions, concerts, lectures, interactive meetings await those interested at the a series of events introducing, presenting the cultural values of the church.

Pezsgő Borfesztivál 2014

An event rich in flavors, aromas and programs, within the framework of which all the country's wine regions, “palinka” houses and champagne cellars are represented.

Rural Turism Streetfesztivál 2014

28 September 2014.

The rural inns, wine farmers, artisans, traditional folk dance groups and choirs of The South Transdanubian region offer a taste of rural tourism in 12 tents and on a stage.

International Dance Meeting in Pécs 2014

2- 5 October 2014.

The Dance Festival in Pécs shows in addition to the renowned international ensembles the dominant icons in the domestic life of dance, it provides an opportunity for local dance schools and dance groups also to debut.


Farmers’ Days in Baranya

8-10 August 2014.

This year for the 21st time the South Transdanubian region's largest and most prestigious agricultural trade fairs and exhibitions is arranged.


“Leányvásár” (Maids’ Fair)

17-20 October 2014

It was a Youth Meeting socializing, making friends, love-waking time. Every youngster could find a date of their kind. There was a great evening prom in the great pub of Várkony and the next day in Várad fair tents they have been allowed to purchase from the “dummymakers” the promising gingerbread hearts, the not said, just sent words of confession on them. It is named after the kind, exciting and old festival in jest "leányvásár".


Octoberfest in Mecseknádasd

October 2014

Cultural and culinary festival

Rooster stew cooking competition

8 June 2014

Have been competing their skills for many years now, the local and foreign groups. For the good flavors, are accompanied with traditional music and dancing, and some good wine.


Ecofestival in Orfu 2014

15-17 August 2014

The purpose of the Orfű Ecofestival is to present natural values and the principles of sustainable development and to promote the greenway movement and to organize a cozy family festival.

Sailing days

29-31 August 2014

VI. Compass Sailing Days: Meeting of nostalgia sailors and regional talent competition.

“Fishing on Orfű”

18-21 June 2014

The only pop music festival where you can go fishing. Pop music festival next to Lake Orfű at the Panorama campsite.

Bikers’ Meeting in Orfű

21 June 2014

An alternative solution for those riders who are present at the meeting not only because of the interesting bands or programs, but they are interested in the history of the area, the sights and of course the better and better scenic routes.


Mushroom Festival

26-28 June 2014.

This year it is the ninth time when the traditional summer mushroom festival is organized, where there will be meeting of mycophagists and truffles hunting conference.



27 February- 04 March 2014

Busójárás - or as the carnival goes in Mohács. A dance of bidding farewell to winter for a week in combination with special programs.

Fish and Beer Festival in Mohács

26-28 June 2014

The culinary festival organized the sixth time this year.

Danube Washing 2014 A traditionalist, cultural and culinary meeting in Mohács

The folk and ethnic traditions in Mohács are being revived during the Croatian cultural and culinary meeting.

Sokac Beancooking Festival

2 August 2014

Culinary specialty prepared in a fireproof clay pot.


Rose Spitzer Festival

18- 19 July 2014

Run in Rose, watch your lifestyle, take a walk with the help of literature around the spitzer, and don’t miss out on the parties full of music!

If Friday, then Villány

6 June 2014

Tasting of local wine specialties.

Ördögkatlan festival, Nagyharsány, Kisharsány, Palkonya, Beremend, Vylyan Patio

5-9 August 2014

The comprehensive arts festival on five sites show almost all values ​​in five days in colorful bouquets of genre.

XVIII. European convivial song festival

26-28 September 2014.

Gathering of European convivial song male choruses and musical bands

Red Wine Festival of Villány
3-5 October 2014
A culinary, cultural and craft festival under the aegis of the red wine.


XX. Pentecostal Open Cellars in Palkonya
Traditional Pentecost Winetasting

8 June 2014


„Végen van” Fesztivál (At the end Festival)
7-8 June 2014
Pop music festival primarily based on local musicians.


Bathing Festival
4-6 June 2014

20th Harvest Festival in Harkány
5-7 September 2014

Harvest parade, "grape holiday", shows, cultural and children's programs, wine street, arts and crafts street fair.