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Winery Guesthouse Wine Patio Bella

Category: Places | Date: 21.07.2014.

Palkonya, the one street south-Baranya village with a few hundred habitants preserve the traditions and architectural culture of the German husbandmen settled in the eighteenth century. The village's most famous monument complex is situated at the end of the village on the hillside where more than fifty press houses form a line of cellars, whose whitewashed little houses provide a fascinating sight for visitors. In the village with a prestigious wine history there are several families which preserve the traditions of grape planting and wine making of past times. Thanks to the respect for traditions and appreciating cultural relics the village became the Cultural Village of Europe in 2007, first in Hungary.

The Bella Cottage awaits its recreation and relaxation-seeking guests in the relaxed environment by the north gate of the Villany region. The visitors may have a more colorful stay enjoying the sheltered seating accommodation, oven-baking, outdoor cooking tools of all kind, a playground, a swimming pool for children and a separate one for adults, sports facilities and a combined sauna. Ideal environment for all young and old, families and friends seeking leisure and re-energetization.

Guests interested in wines and wineries may get to know the host's wines of protected designation of origin and classic premium wines through a wine show in Villány at the historic wine cellars. The host can provide a special wine dinner upon request, even in multiple versions.

The amenities of the Guest House are available at the same time for several families or larger groups of friends, it also houses private and corporate events as well. The multi-storey guest house is well equipped, the visitors can find everything that is required for a comfortable, carefree relaxation. The guest house has a wine cellar, which is open to be viewed and used by the guests. Lovers of outdoor sports can choose from a variety of options to meet their need for exercise, table tennis, badminton, volleyball, water polo, soccer, cycling. There are many marked hiking routes in the area, which offer additional recreational opportunities.

For wine tasting, a program agreed in advance, from four applicants, the hosts provide shuttle service from the guest house to the Villany wine cellars. For individual wine tasting a tasting voucher is a gift from the cottage to its guests.

Bella Winery

A family business operating since 1989. A Qualified member of the Villany-Siklos Wine Route from the beginning. Bella Winery produces on 15 acres of land protected designation of origin, premium-quality red and rosé wines. Among them can be found the most tipical Villany and Bordeaux varieties.

Zoltan Bella creates his quality wines every year based on his love for Hungarian wines and decades of experience in winemaking.

The wines are guaranteed to bring the best atmosphere with guests and customers, whatever the occasion may be.

Bella Wine Patio

Something fresh, something youthful, dynamic, sparkingly new has been born recently far away from the lively bustle of city life.

Opened in 2013, a unique initiative in the area a modern, youthful, bistro-style wine bar awaits guests every day of the year on Villany's main street. A place where people of all ages, cheerful families and bohemian companies alike can stop for a moment to recharge, have delicious snacks and savor a glass of locally produced wine.

Bella Guesthouse

The guesthouse was openend in 2010 in Palkonya, in a real traditionalist village, which takes proud in being one of Europe's Cultural Villages, too. The guesthose includes a 2000m2 area of landscaped patio, that offers a fun-filled entertainment for all ages. The private playground, swimming pool, grill, stew space, oven, benches, wine tasting cellar, wine dinners, and an infrared and finnish sauna offer guests all the comfort.

The attractions of the settlement:

  • a line of cellars pronounced as national monument
  • a Catholic church built by the Batthyány family
  • farmhouses declared protected with a history of 100 to 200 years
  • wooden playground, which elements are remarkable works of folk art wood carving


  • "Pentecost Open Cellars"
  • Fish Soup preparing contest on the first day of May each year
  • "Ördögkatlan" Art Festival
  • St. Martin's Day lantern parade on the day of the festival of the new wine

Hiking Trails:

  • Three Rivers" bicycle route, which crosses the village
  • A number of walking trails: Trail Blue, Blue & Walking Tour

The sights and attractions of the area:

  • Villany : the wine region of Villany on which Hungary's first wine tour leads through is the bastion of domestic wine tourism. In Villany the high art of wine making can be admired and the world-famous wines of Villany might be tasted: Blaufränkisch, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Zweigelt, Pinot Noir, Blaufränkisch cuvée.
  • Siklos: the town at the foothills of Tenkes mountain is the center of economic and cultural life of the region, famous for its wines, its castle and the countless monuments that can be found in the town, its excellent white wines (Riesling, "Hárslevelű", Traminer, Chardonnay) and its thermal bath..

It worths being a guest of The Cottage Winery Patio Bella because:

  • you can relax in a quiet, peaceful environment of the Villany Wine Region
  • taste the locally grown, high-flavor wine specialties
  • you can choose from a variety of leisure options available
  • larger group of friends might come and relax
  • pampering services (sauna, pool) can also benefited from
  • it's all about the guests with us!

Address: 45, Baross G. street, Villány, 7733

Phone number : +3620/369-4222