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Vackor Guest Houses

Category: Places | Date: 22.07.2014.

Cserkut is one of the jewels of Baranya County. The quiet little "mountain village" is situated 5 km away from the city limits of Pecs, on the western side of the Mecsek Mountains, at the foothills of Jakab-hegy. Visitors can come across a tidy, flowery, charming village and several red sandstone farm houses preserving their original states. The village is the perfect setting for both a quiet, calm, peaceful, active rest, unwinding and re-energizing

The four sunflower certified ecoreception the Vackor Guest Houses were created and is currently run by the Somogyváris. The guest houses on landscaped ground of 4,000 square meters are at the highest point of the village, at the foot of the Jakab Hill.

Thanks to the design and equipment of the guest house it is suitable for both family and friends for holidays, reunions; it makes a great venue for business meetings and events. The guest house is well equipped and has everything that is needed for a comfortable relaxation and leisure. The rooms of the guest houses may accommodate 24 people comfortably.

The largest, 130 square meter guest house is the Vackor Guest House. It has 4 bedrooms, a dining room, a living room, two showers and a lavatory. thanks to its design, large places, good distribution it is suitable for housing both joint family holidays and company events. The Vackorka and Little Vackor Guest Houses are 48 m2 respectively, separate two-bedroom cottages that are ideal for the reception of families with young children, retired couples, and pet-keeping guests.

Meals basically work on a self-catering basis, but upon the guests' request a half-board option is also available, which provides a good opportunity to get to know the local flavors and dishes. The owners grow spices in the garden, that may further increase the local culinary experiences.

When designing the guest house what owners had in mind was the closeness to nature, nature-related recreational program options. That said, all guest houses have a private separate terrace, which can become a great location for family meals. The garden is well equipped, with sun beds, swing beds, shower, barbecue space, facilities for cooking over open fire. Children are free to use the backyard swing set, a sandbox, reed hut, high stand, the "goblin house" and the climbing bars.

The guest houses are not only family-and kid-friendly, but also pet-friendly accommodations. The owners thought of the smallest members of the family when preparing baby-friendly services, and they thought of pet owners when they installed a kennel. A unique offer for young and old alike is the "barefoot path" and the discovery tour of the village with a map and a task sheet to fill in.

The guest house includes a basement furnished with antique furniture and items, which is open to guests for looking and using. It is possible to try and buy homemade delicacies made by homemade wooden kitchen tools.

Program offers:

The sights in Cserkut

  • A 1000-year-old church famous for its frescoes and mini calvary
  • the exhibition of local history and stonework finds are open to visitors
  • 50 meters west of the church there is the eponymous well of the village and the wash house ruins can be viewed.
  • At the bottom part of the village in beautiful surroundings there is a little lake, where you can fish by purchasing a daily ticket
  • We have a soccer field and a playground, too

Programs in Cserkut:

  • In early May, a public excursion and picnic to Jakab Hill and at the end of May the Children's Day programs.
  • The last weekend of June village's day and diverse programs, evening fireworks.
  • On August 20, Bread Festival is held, where there are folk games, baking bread and lots of interesting things for people to get acquainted with
  • In November, the Martin's day feast and wine tasting.

Programs in Pecs and in the area:

  • Pécs: Hungary's fifth largest city, Baranya county's county town. The city is rich in monuments, it is considered the spiritual and cultural center of the region.
  • Orfű: Water sport activities, fishing, cycling, walking around the lakes and many possibilities for doing active sports and relaxing.
  • Abaliget: An excellent choice for both family programs, recreational activities, doing sports or for recreation.
  • Villány: the wine region of Villany on which Hungary's first wine tour leads through is the bastion of domestic wine tourism. One can admire the art of excellent wine-making, the wine region's architectural and cultural heritage, one can enjoy its people’s hospitality; can taste the world-famous wines of Villany.
  • Siklós : the town at the foothills of Tenkes mountain is the center of economic and cultural life of the region, famous for its wines, its castle and the countless monuments found in the center of the town

Be a guest at the Vackor Guest Houses, because:

  • You can spend your free time in a quiet, peaceful, beautiful, rustic setting,
  • you can relax by the Jakab Hill and the Western Mecsek range, close to Babás szerkövek,
  • starting from the guest house you may roam the Mecsek tourist trails and the sights of the village,
  • by car and by coach bus lines Pécs is approachable in a few minutes to see the city sights,
  • in the guest house you will be eligible for an age-related discount for children ,
  • you can try and buy local food specialties
  • We accept SZÉP card at the Guest Houses,
  • The parking is solved within the premises of guest house.

Please contact us and be a guest of the Vackor Guest Houses!

Address: 7673 Cserkút, Petőfi Sándor u. 18.

Phone number: +3630/986-1078