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Ranch of Gát

Category: Places | Date: 22.07.2014.

In Baranya County, in beautiful natural surroundings of the Danube-Drava National Park, next to the Mattyi lake, near the Drava’s backwater, reminiscing the atmosphere a farm the Gát ranch awaits the visitors in a picturesque setting.

The ranch of Gát was re-opened in the spring of 2013 as a successor of the former Lantos Horseriders' Farm. The horse ranch reminiscing the atmosphere of the end of the 19th century is an exceptional tourist destination of Southern Transdanubia and Baranya County and makes a favorite place to relax for school groups, familiesand business.

The Gat Ranch considers it important to revive the rural life, and the realization, creation and introduction of a life in harmony with nature. To this end, it draws upon and gives a preview on the treasury of its rich heritage and Hungarian traditions to the visitors. They provide opportunity, to try and to learn about traditional crafts within the framework of craft shows.In addition to the ancient Hungarian domestic animal breeds one can get acquinted with horses, whether on occasions of rides, carriage rides, cross-country ridings, sleigh ridings, riding picnics, horse camps, horse shows and horseback rides. With the help of Prepared professionals one can acquire the unique beauty that this sport, horse riding hides. The ever more beautiful horse-riding and archery field houses competitions and presentations. The farm’s riding hall is certified by the Association of Tourism by "Golden Horseshoes". lovers of fishing, hunting do not have to do without their hobbies and can spend their free time in a beautiful environment at the Mattyi Lake, Hótedra (Drava backwaters) and by banks of the Drava. On this countryside abundant in games huntings are organize as well. The youngest can get acquainted with the breeds living in the area in a petting zoo.

The barn of which each element reminisces about the atmosphere of the farm belonging to the ranch is appropriate for conducting large, of events up to 300 people (folk song, folk music, folk dance shows, dance houses, concerts, lectures) as well. It is a popular venue for weddings, folk entertainments and family reunions.

The fenced playground with a roofed stage is available for young and old. This place is perfect for a get together for a game or for organizing presentations whether for children or adults and for outdoor events as well. The wooden playground with its special items, are reminiscing the atmosphere of the shipping down the Drava providing adventure for both children and adults.

In the restaurant, guests can enjoy traditional flavors of the area, which are made trully unique and special by using home made meat and smoked products as main ingredients served with the luscious wines from the Tenkes Hill.

The specialties of the garden -pot cooked, roasted and baked dishes - are served in the shades of treetops. In winter, visitors can become part of a real, genuine rural tradition: the pig-sticking and the subsequent „tor”

Guests can enjoy comfortable, old-fashioned rooms at the ranch of Gat. The comfortably furnished, thatched farmhouses have 8 double, 4 four-bed rooms and a youth accommodation for 18 people.

Those desirous of making excursions may explore the beauty of the scenery along the Drava on horseback, horse-cart, bicycle, and on foot, or may take the opportunity for a cruises as well. Nearby, you can find the famous spa of Harkány, which is great for relaxation not for people desirous to heal, but also for those who wish to relax. The Mary pilgrimage shrine, Máriagyűd clings to slopes of Tenkes Hill. Around the church you may take a pleasant walk in the beautiful Calvary, in the processional way, which gives a chance for spiritual contemplation, stillness, and physical refreshment at the same time. Within a short distance there is the partially renovated Siklos Castle, at its foot the recently built cold-and hot-water bath providing recreation for the whole family.

Guests interested in wines and wineries can learn about the local specialties at wine shows of the historic row of cellars in Villány.

The area's attractions and sights:

  • Villany: the wine region of Villany on which Hungary's first wine tour leads through is the bastion of domestic wine tourism. One can admire the art of excellent wine-making, the wine region's architectural and cultural heritage, one can enjoy its people’s hospitality, can taste the world-famous wines of Villany: Blaufränkisch, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Zweigelt, Pinot Noir, Blaufränkisch cuvée
  • Siklos: the town at the foothills of Tenkes mountain is the center of economic and cultural life of the region, famous for its wines, its castle and the countless monuments (Mosque of Melkocs bej, Calvinist church, Townhall of Siklos, Music Fountain etc.) that can be found in the town. Thanks to its excellent white wines (Riesling, "Hárslevelű", Traminer, Chardonnay) and its thermal bath Siklos offers an excellent setting for family and business programs and leisure activities.

It worths being a guest at the Ranch of Gát, because:

  • You can relax in picturesque surroundings reminiscing the milieu of a farm
  • learn about the ancient Hungarian domestic animal breeds,
  • try different ancient crafts,
  • taste the traditional flavors of the region, home made meats, smoked products, the luscious wines of the Tenkes Hill,
  • you might choose from a number of horse riding and leisure facilities
  • you may arrive with larger a group of friends and relax,
  • for your child we can provide an unforgettable experience,

Come and be a guest of the Ranch of Gat!

Phone number: +3630/838-2713