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Pecs - European Capital of Culture

Category: Places | Date: 22.07.2014.

With about 150,000 inhabitants, Pécs is the fifth largest and one of the oldest towns in Hungary, the center južnozadunavske region and the capital of Baranya County. On this spot in the 2nd century by the Romans founded the city Sophianae. On the south side of Pecs open, and to the north of the Mecsek mountains surrounding it, and its slopes provide excellent opportunities for excursions. What climate is concerned, its affordable accommodation creates a pleasant Mediterranean climate.

The city is the capital can be reached very easily - highway. In addition, with a larger surrounding cities to connect the four main roads. In the nearby Poganj the airport, and Budapest is connected to the railway network. The only urban public transport, a bus, a tram line to the repealed today remind us just symbolic rails.