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OrfűFitt Yurt Camp

Category: Places | Date: 22.07.2014.

Accommodation and Dragon Boat Club

Those who know Orfű, most of them love it, who see it for the first time, most of the time are amazed and they take to it eventually. The village nestling in the valleys of Western Mecsek is ideal for deepening in the nature, for sports and entertainment. The harmony of the lakes, the mountains, the forests make this place perfect for the relaxation in the picturesque settlement. Orfű in all seasons provide ideal opportunities for active recreation. Four lakes that are located in the village provide the proximity to nature to the guests. Primarily the water and the woods surrounding the settlement provide the charm of the place, the hiking trails and the beauties of nature offer many things to discover. the proximity of Pecs provides cultural opportunities during the relaxation..

The Orfű Fitt Yurt Camp is located on the shore of Lake Pécs. Are hiding the conical roofed white yurts, beneath the shadows of the fifty year old pine trees, with a beautiful view of the rippling water surface, coastal reeds of the lake, and on the green trees of the hills opposite the camp. The Orfű Fitt Yurt Camp is a special accommodation, children's camps, family vacations, trainings and events can all be organized here.


Our yurt camp welcome all who are interested in the nomadic way of life, who love nature, but the comfort of relaxation is important for them. We are awaiting those who like unusual, adventurous holidays, people who really want to break free from their usual life!

The OrfűFitt Yurt Camp and Dragon Boat Club are located on the shore of the lake, in beautiful natural surroundings. The camp was built in 2012, 9 units of 5-6 bedded Kazakh yurt await their guests. Each yurt has wooden floors which are carpeted, and furnished with pine beds, tables, chairs and a wardrobe, lighting, with electrical connection. In the service building there are modern sanitary facilities and a well-equipped kitchen. In addition, there is also a charming snack bar on site, which in addition to the usual drinks offers local specialties for those seeking refreshment. The open fireplace in the garden provides an opportunity for bonfires, bacon frying and cooking in a cauldron. 20 meters from the gates of the campsite on the pier you can sunbathe, go fishing and can start from here the lake discovering water tour.

The Yurt Camp is a a popular venue for family holidays, groups of friends seeking recreation, school trips and summer camps.

An unconventional soft skill training

Have you often been on a soft skill training held in a hotel spa? Do you want to try something new? Switch to a different program! You can row with colleagues in the Lake of Pécs, can descend in a nearby cave with some cavers of Orfű, can hike to the mountains or on the hillside above the camp can try the archery facilities. In the evening you can cook dinner in a pot, chat by the bonfire and finally go to sleep in the yurts..

Sports and dragon boat

Orfű offers a range of sports and leisure activities. In the camp we can provide fun activities for guests with dragon boats, canoes, kayaks and bicycles.

The dragon boats originating from China, with their exciting traditions are ideal tools for an exercise and a fun active team building. In our camp there are two dragon boats - with a rowing crew of 10, 1 drummer - and a special private pier and a driver at our guests’ disposal. For classes, families it provides a unique soft skill experience.

Orfű nevezetességei, látnivalói:

  • Orfű Country House and Outdoor museum
  • Mill Museum of Orfű
  • Szent Márton bishop chapel
  • Dragon Well
  • Dragon Spring and Dragon gulch
  • Lake of Orfű, Lake of Pécs, Herman Otto Lake, Lake Kovácsszénája
  • Szuadó-cave
  • Trió-cave
  • Vízfő spring and cave

Sights in the area:

  • Abaliget: the Lake of Abaligeti for fishing, Boating Lake, Bat Museum, Barn Museum, parish and community hall, stalactite cave in Abaliget is one of the best known and most popular of the natural attractions in the Mecsek. An excellent choice for both family programs, recreational activities, doing sports or for recreation.
  • Pécs: Hungary's fifth largest city, Baranya County’s county town. The city is rich in monuments; it is considered the spiritual and cultural center of the region. The city's cultural life is nationally prominent as well as in the field of visual arts as in music. The main sights: Cell Septichora Visitor Center, Zsolnay Museum, Vasarely Museum, National Theatre, Csontvary Museum, Kodály Centre, Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, TV tower, Tettye Tufa Cave, The Barbican, the Cathedral and many other sights and tourist destinations await visitors.
  • Cserkút: Cserkut is one of the jewels of Baranya County. The quiet little "mountain village" is situated 5 km away from the city limits of Pecs, on the western side of the Mecsek Mountains, at the foothills of Jakab Hill. Visitors can come across a tidy, flowery, charming village and several red sandstone farm houses preserving their original states. The village is the perfect setting for both a quiet, calm, peaceful, active rest, unwinding and re-energizing.
  • Villány: the wine region of Villany on which Hungary's first wine tour leads through is the bastion of domestic wine tourism. One can admire the art of excellent wine-making, the wine region's architectural and cultural heritage, one can enjoy its people’s hospitality; can taste the world-famous wines of Villany.


  • Voluta Dragon Boat Festival of Orfű
  • Fishing on Orfű
  • Wild Garlic Festival
  • OrfűFitt Round and crossing swimming competition of the Lake of Pécs

If you are looking for pure relaxation, water sports, active leisure activities on your holiday, be a guest of OrfűFitt Yurt Camp.

Address: Orfű, dollár utca 36.

Phone number: +36 70/408-2329