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Gizi Néni Vendégház, Ökoporta

Category: Places | Date: 22.07.2014.

Liptód village in Baranya county, in the district Bóly, wedged between four hills the tiny hamlet is situated in a picturesque environment. The attraction of the village is its closeness to nature, peace and tranquility it provides an excellent place for excursions recreation. The village inhabitants' around 70 or 80 percent are German speakers, who up until today have remained true to their traditions. They successfully preserve and cherish traditions inherited from their ancestors in their daily lives and in their cuisine. Their pork food: the Suares, the steamed dumplings with cabbage, potato sausage, blood sausage made of hulled barley and their pasta dishes: the sour cream strudel made of yeast dough, the snowball and the eared donut is still often served on their tables.

The Gizi Néni Guest House and the "Knowing Card" Youth Hostel are located in beautiful natural surroundings, in the island of peace and tranquility. The Gizi Néni Guest House is a qualified three-sunflower eco-reception for mainly families, while "Knowing Card" Youth Hostel is an ideal place for young people, school classes for both relaxation and active recreation.

The Gizi Néni Guest House's two rooms we can accommodate a maximum of eight people comfortably. The Guest House is tastefully furnished with items with a value of museum pieces. The guest house has a large garden where visitors can explore the proximity of nature, the peaceful harmony. In the courtyard, there is an oven cooking place which is a popular venue for community and family programs.

Within the framework of the program Eco-reception for those interested can learn about life in the contemporary Swabian families how all their days were spent. Can see a real, long gone equipment of a farmhouse reminiscing old memories, learn about farmyard animals living at the farm, work processes related to their keeping, the viticulture and wine-making traditions. On request wine tasting is available too.

"Knowing Card" Liptód Youth Hostel is located in the heart of the village in a quiet, relaxed and cozy environment. The hostel can accommodate 30 people at the same time in the four rooms furnished with bunk beds. It’s a favorite place primarily for class trips, summer camps and excursions, but ideal for families, for groups of friends too. The hostel offers a self catering system; a well-equipped kitchen has everything that is needed for cooking and baking. Upon request the visitors can learn about the local cuisine, dishes, and specialties. The outdoor cooking facility is the popular scene of public life. The hostel provides an opportunity for playing table tennis, foosball, bowling, badminton, darts, football doing sporting events and recreational activities. By prior arrangement, archery, horse riding, paintball and surviving tours are also available.

There is a wide range of opportunities of traditionalists programs, visitors can choose from the following options:

Swabian and Hungarian folk song and dance learning

  • View Local German folk dresses and can try them on
  • meet German ethnic writers and poets,
  • View the traditional ethnic German choir and the show of the dance group ,
  • Preparation of traditional local Swabian specialties with lunch or dinner
  • Bread and cake baking in an oven
  • preparation of strudel, snowball and the Carnival donuts,
  • making toys and ornaments of natural ingredients,
  • People's architecture, making clay bricks, „vikli”, cob walls
  • Knitting, crocheting, embroidery,
  • Pottery, felting, candle-making, but coupage technique, quilting,
  • Forging of Weapons, wood carving.

Programs in the area

  • Bóly: The mausoleum of the Batthyány-Montenuovo family is located in the village which combines historicist, neo-Romanesque and Gothic elements.
  • Kölked: The settlement lying in the proximity of the flood plain of the Danube is a safe nesting and feeding place of the white stork. With European measures, the White Stork has been a unique museum since it was opened in 2002.
  • Educational path of the Danube-Drava National Park
  • Mohács: situated in Southern Baranya, on both banks of the Danube this charming city. The sights are worth seeing are the Votive Church, The Busóhouse, the Buso column, the Ethnographic Museum of Kanizsai Dorottya, the Town Hall, St. James Chapel, St. Nicholas water-mills, the Bishop's Church, the Serbian Orthodox Church, the reliefs of Sandor Petofi, the Heroic Monument, the Bishop's Palace, the Statue of the Holy Trinity, the Mohács Millennium memorial and the statue of Zoltan Kodaly.
  • Villány: the wine region of Villany on which Hungary's first wine tour leads through is the bastion of domestic wine tourism. One can admire the art of excellent wine-making, the wine region's architectural and cultural heritage, one can enjoy its people’s hospitality, can taste the world-famous wines of Villany: Blaufränkisch, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Zweigelt, Pinot Noir, Blaufränkisch cuvée.
  • Siklós: the town at the foothills of Tenkes Mountain is the center of economic and cultural life of the region, famous for its wines, its castle and the countless monuments (Mosque of Melkocs bej, Calvinist church, Townhall of Siklos, Music Fountain etc.) that can be found in the town. Thanks to its excellent white wines (Riesling, "Hárslevelű", Traminer, Chardonnay) and its thermal bath Siklos offers an excellent setting for family and business programs and leisure activities.
  • Pécs: Hungary's fifth largest city, Baranya county's county town. The city is rich in monuments; it is considered the spiritual and cultural center of the region. The city's cultural life is nationally prominent as well as in the field of visual arts as in music. The main sights: Cell Septichora Visitor Center, Zsolnay Museum, Vasarely Museum, National Theatre, Csontvary Museum, Kodály Centre, Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, TV tower, Tettye Tufa Cave, The Barbican, the Cathedral and many other sights and tourist destinations await their visitors

If you are looking for a pleasant relaxation, traditional programs, local cuisine, visit a Gizi Néni Guest House, Eco-reception and the Knowing Card Youth Hostel!

Jómadár Ifjúsági Szálló

Cím: 7758 Liptód, dobó István u. 7.

Tel.: +3620/772-0330