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BioBia Barn Hostel

Category: Places | Date: 21.07.2014.

Cserkut is one of the jewels of Baranya County. The quiet little "mountain village" is situated 5 km away from the city limits of Pecs, on the western side of the Mecsek Mountains, at the foothills of Jakab-hegy. Visitors can come across a tidy, flowery, charming village and several red sandstone farm houses preserving their original states. The village is the perfect setting for both a quiet, calm, peaceful, active rest, unwinding and re-energizing.

The BioBia Barn Hostel is situated in this wonderful natural setting. Beautifully renovated barn, shed and large yard are located at the edge of the village near the riverside. The yard is full of flowering plants. For modern people there are many novelties hidden in the yard, one can come across many plants, of which we probably do not even know that they were eaten by our ancestors, have been used for various medicinal purposes, or for baking and cooking. Guests visiting here may experience the balance and harmony that is possible between man and nature.

The Bio Bia Barn Hostel is a charming and private accommodation for students and groups of friends, as well as for families. The simply furnished, wood-paneled attic room can accommodate 15 people at the same time comfortably on both mattress and on beds. The ground floor has two large rooms, suitable for holding large events.

Organic production takes place at the reception, of which visitors may take part, try local products, taste the unique, long forgotten flavors. Guests may cook and bake in an oven or over an open fire. Upon request, the host shall ensure that food is served for the guests.

Visitors may take part in weed dinners, eco-canteens, playhouses, camps, and many other special programs. The ever-popular "edible flower" salads, are the main ingredients of weed dinners and ornaments for special sandwiches.

The yard is hiding unique "organic" treasures too. Thanks to the host's imaginativeness and ingenuity a home-designed herbal dryer is installed, which suits specific, individual needs, while drying main ingredients of teas and decoctions. Children can play with natural puzzle, while they learn about the bones of different animal. The host diversity, human-oriented personality is proved by the fact that he thought about guests with limited mobility as well.

A specifically designed swing is situated in its yard for those who use a wheelchair.

Opposite the house there is the washing house, renovated by the community of the village. This collaboration proves the community spirit and the cohesion in the village.

Fishing lovers do not have to do without their favorite leisure activity while relaxing, as the village has a fishing pond.

The parking is solved within the premises of the hostel.

Program offers:

The sights in Cserkut

  • A 1000-year-old church famous for its frescoes and mini calvary
  • the exhibition of local history and stonework finds are open to visitors
  • 50 meters west of the church there is the eponymous well of the village and the wash house ruins can be viewed.
  • At the bottom part of the village in beautiful surroundings there is a little lake, where you can fish by purchasing a daily ticket
  • There is a soccer field and a playground, too.

Programs in Cserkut:

  • In early May, a common excursion and picnic to Jakab Hill and at the end of May the Children's Day programs.
  • The last weekend of June village's day and diverse programs, evening fireworks.
  • On August 20, Bread Festival is held, where there are folk games, baking bread and lots of interesting things for people to meet with
  • In November, the Martin's day feast and wine tasting.

Programs in Pecs and in the area

  • Pecs: Hungary's fifth largest city, Baranya County’s county town. The city is rich in monuments; it is considered the spiritual and cultural center of the region. The city's cultural life is nationally prominent as well as in the field of visual arts and music.
  • Orfu: Water sport activities, fishing, cycling, walking around the lakes and many possibilities for doing active sports and relaxing.Abaliget: Kitűnő választás családi programokhoz, szabadidős tevékenységekhez, aktív sportoláshoz, pihenéshez egyaránt.
  • Villany: the wine region of Villany on which Hungary's first wine tour leads through is the bastion of domestic wine tourism. One can admire the art of excellent wine-making, the region's architectural and cultural heritage, one can enjoy its people’s hospitality; can taste the world-famous wines of Villany.
  • Siklos: the town at the foothills of Tenkes mountain is the center of economic and cultural life of the region, famous for its wines, its castle and the countless monuments Thanks to its excellent white wines (Riesling, "Hárslevelű", Traminer, Chardonnay) and its thermal bath, Siklos offers an excellent setting for family and business programs and leisure activities.

It worths being a guest at the BioBia Barn Hostel in Cserkút, because:

  • You can spend your free time in a quiet, peaceful, beautiful, rustic setting
  • You can relax by the foothill of Jakab Hill and the Western Mecsek range
  • Starting from the guest house you may roam the Mecsek tourist trails
  • You can get acquainted with unique and natural flavors,
  • By car and by coach bus lines Pécs is approachable in a few minutes to see the city sights
  • We accept SZÉP card

Please contact us and be a guest of The BioBia Barn Hostel

Cím: 3, Árpád lane, Cserkút, 7673

Phone number: +3630/437-2340