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Mecsek Forestry Co. Ltd.

Category: Nature | Date: 22.07.2014.

Do you like nature? Do you like hiking, relaxing actively? Do you want to hide in one of the quiet corners of the world? Relax in the forest guest houses: in Mészkemence, in Nagymáté, in Sasrét, in Kövestető and tourist houses: in Orfű and in Sikonda, in youth hostels: in Sásvölgy and in Sasrét and in our cottages. You can even roam on foot the beautiful landscapes of Mecsek and Zselic, on educational paths you can learn about the natural values of the area and can see its sights, can travel by narrow gauge, by horse-cart, or you can ride a bike. The accommodations available all year provide a pleasant, peaceful rest, and offer opportunity for organizing events and conferences..

In the Eastern Mecsek in the neighborhood of Hosszúhetény Kövestető Cottage welcomes its guests. The comfortable en suite rooms, the 100-seat restaurant, special game dishes prepared with local ingredients, the patio, the sauna and sports courts all serve the high level entertainment. At the border of Tolna and Baranya counties, deep in the forest hides the Mecsekerdő Company's Mészkemence (LimeStone Oven) Guest House, with comfortable rooms, home-cooked game dishes for the guests who wish to relax. Next to the house there is a park with a lake and a boat, and also there are game stands and horse-cart riding options to complete the relaxation in the forest. Many attractions of Nagymáté near Bakóca reminisces the memories about István Fekete. The Memorial Trail named after the writer shows signs with quotes on them provides a special experience for hikers. The Cottage in the woods is in a picturesque setting attracts lovers of the forest with its tidy rooms, good food, arboretum and educational path. The Biedermann family's former hunting lodge welcomes guests in the new guise of Sasrét Guest House in Almamellék-Sasrét. In the building with 18 rooms for hunters, families and hikers alternative energy is also used. The comfort is provided by the carefully decorated rooms and the huge terrace, jacuzzi and sauna, but game dishes prepared from local ingredients, the fish pond, the 200-year old beech forest next to the house - which is Baranya County's oldest forest - and the inside meandering educational path and built springs also make Sasrét exciting for visitors. Rental bicycles, outdoor oven, outdoor roofed animation area - these all await the residents of the House of forest among others in the newly built, near the South Transdanubian blue hiking trail at the Youth Hostel in Sásvölgy. The comfortable Eco-house in addition to groups of children is also an ideal venue for groups of friends or colleagues.

Visit the forest adventure park at Pecs Ápádtető, where people of all ages can find the best active recreation. More than 20 kinds of game elements provide thrilling entertainment: including alpine rope park, forest bobsleigh, climbing walls, loess simulator, the little ones are called on by a playhouse and adventure castle, a barefoot educational path to the largest forest playground of Pécs. The Mecsextrém Park offers programs for families and classes on excursions and turns to the organizers of corporate team building events with special offers.

The Mecsek Forestry Co. Ltd awaits you with its diverse, large-scale hunting grounds and its diversity in games. In its the forests you can primarily hunt for big games: in open areas for red deer and fallow deer, roe deer, wild boar, in our game parks for red deer, roe deer, wild boar and mouflon be hunted. The hunts in their formality are also worthy of tradition: our professional hunters are experts of bloodhound leading and the blowing of the hunting horn in practice, too. Our driving and herding huntings are also very popular.

During The Mecsek Forestry Co. forest school programs there is opportunity for kids to learn about nature in nature.The Mecsek Forestry Co. Ltd. In 1995, in the Mecsek the Forest School of Squirrel Forestry School and Forest House and in 1996 in the Zselic the Forest School of Crocus Forestry School were established with the aim that the visiting children and adults (on teacher training) learn about the flora and fauna of the forest through exciting discoveries, get to know the Mecsek and Zselic legends, get acquinted with the work pf foresters, with the sustainable forest management; and can unfold their creativity and manual skills at our arts and crafts workshops. We await groups for theme day animations and qualified boarding forest school programs and children in the summer for nature and craft camps are welcome. Our youth hostels are also open to tour groups.

One of the greatest prides of the Mecsek Forestry Co. Ltd. is the only narrow-gauge railway in the Country, has been operating since 1901, the Zselici "Csühögő". The train running on schedule takes and brings the hikers and schoolchildren in the forest between Almamellék and Sasrét. At the starting station in Almamellék a forestry and narrowgauge exhibition is open. Hikers are welcome all year round with organized and guided tours.

Taste the unique game dishes prepared with local ingredients and 100% pure fruit juice drinks “Naturale!” The Mecskerdő Inc. - Recognizing the importance of a healthy diet - produces natural fruit juices. To increase the nutritional value and pleasure of the completely additive-free, preserved with humane methods apple juice we add some juice of forest or wildly grown fruits.

Spend your free time "naturally" in the Mecsek Forest!

8. Rét Street, Pécs, 7623.

Phone Number: +36-72/508-200