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Ecopark Bükkösd

Category: Nature | Date: 21.07.2014.

In Baranya County, at the junction of the South Zselic and the Western slopes of the Mecsek at the vicinity of Szigetvár and Pécs in beautiful natural surroundings awaits its guests an idyllic paradise in the heart of the over 500 acres of land The area in addition to the Hungarian native animals houses different species of big game occurring in Hungary. Thanks to the excellent endowments of the location gray cattle, haired sheep, horses, buffaloes, mangalicas, deer and fallow deer, roe deer, mouflons, wild boars and other species of animals can be viewed in their natural environment. In the poultry yard the birds, while in the glass-walled hives the work of colonies of bees can be monitored. In the smaller gardens big game species can be viewed up close that are occurring in Hungary.

The leisure center with modern infrastructure has hotels, restaurants, parking lots and is waiting for visitors with various services available. Among its programs are sustainability, eco-farming and the eco-approach. With the values represented, they provide a good example of organic farming.

One can crawl the park on three educational paths, but also one might view the theme adventure park, or can participate in petting zoo, hike, ride a horse, enjoy the beauty of nature. In The wildlife garden and on open space areas, lovers of hunting can have the opportunity to do ambush-hunting and stalking as well.

Educational paths, hiking trails:

A walk in the valley

On the 1,000-meter path you can get around in 1.5 hours, during which different animals occurring here (red deer, fallow deer, roe deer, wild boar, mouflon, buffalo, mangalica) can be viewed almost up close. In the poultry yard, a variety of water and land birds and in the glass-walled hives bee colonies can be observed at the work.

Panorama walk path

A moderately difficult hiking route, during which the visitors have to cope with about 100 meters of altitude change. The length of the route is 2,000 meters. For those who choose to walk this path, can wander viewing grazing Hungarian gray cattle, horses, and haired sheep, the native animals of Hungary. There is a bird aviary on the hilltop where the route leads and on the information signs here tourists can read about herbs, mushrooms and minerals. .

Woodsmen's Route

This is the only route that can only to be visited with a guide. The route leads through a game preserve and several gardens. The tour is 3,500 meters long, and takes nearly 2.5 hours to hike. During the walk visitors can hear and read about the forest, the landscape, the animals of the forest and hunting.


Hubertus Guest House

The four-sunflower guest house is located in tranquil surroundings in the middle of the Ecopark. It can accommodae 24 people at the same time. in the guest house there are six suites all with have spacious living areas, private, separate bathroom, modern furniture, cable TV, free Wi-Fi. For guests a sauna might be available for an additional fee. For children a playground is installed in the garden. Horse riding, carriage rides are also available on request.

Diana Guest House

The guest house is situated on the premises of the Ecopark in a two-story building. On the ground floor there is the kitchen, the dining room, restroom, while on the second floor there are the three triple rooms with separate bathrooms. At the entrance in the reception building, there is the hot food cafeteria that serves both its visitors and guests staying at the guest house..

Menes Guest House

The accommodation located above the riding-hall offers five four-bed rooms, two bathrooms and a shared kitchen for its guests.

Silvanus Guest House

The separate small house can accomodate four people.

Harsfa Guest House

The guest house has four double rooms and evokes the atmosphere of life on a farm.

Catering facilities

Galagonya restaurant is located on the premises of the Ecopark in natural surroundings and might receive around 150 people, it serves as a great venue for family and business events, reunions and weddings. Thanks to their own wine cellar, it is also suitable for housing wine evenings. The offer on the menu have been carefully compiled so that everyone can find the right food and wines that suit their taste. Main ingredients of the dishes listed on the menu are mainly provided by small local farmers and their livestock.

Program opportunities

The Ecopark organize various events, evenings, family activities, festivals several times throughout the year. Live music, theater programs, games await their visitors ont he pre-announced dates.

In addition, in the Ecopark the opportunity to try arts and crafts workshop, competitive games, treasure hunt, baking in an oven is also provided. Among the potential activities there is the visiting of the landmark of Bükkösd, the former Petrovsky now the Jeszenszky Castle, where the current owner of the mansion gives a lecture and a guide tour.

The Ecopark Bükkösd is a good choice because:

  • An ideal tourist destination for educational institutions,
  • A special venue for conferences up to 60 people
  • A perfect area for hunting,
  • The best region for horse riders,
  • An ideal place for family excursions,
  • A great venue for friendly gatherings
  • Provides outstanding relaxation for children and adults alike.

„ Ökopark Bükkösd, mert ez csak természetes!”- Ecopark Bukkosd, because it’s only natural!

Address: 14 Hársfa street, Bukkosd, 7682

Phone number.: 73/578-501