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Gastro Trekking

Join the phisycal activity with exploration of regional gastro specialities

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Minimum age
14 years

4 days

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Holiday type
Mixed groups


from 999,00 kn
cca 130,00 €
cca 42.000,00 Ft

Basic information

Blic info

Slavonia and Baranja adorned voice as a region where you can eat and drink well. How much truth is in that you can see in this brief review of the most interesting culinary specialties. In just four days you will hike the trails that will take you to the sites where you can taste authentic local food, drink excellent local wines and enjoy various other delicacies. This arrangement is an ideal opportunity for kerning active rest and widely acclaimed regional flavors. 

Chance to

  • tasting the most famous gastronomic specialties of Croatian East 
  • walking along the Danube and Park Kopački rit
  • sightseeing natural attractions of Croatian East


Day 1

Arrival in Osijek, transportation to Erdut, the starting point of the route. Walking to Aljmas, lunch, hiking to Dalj. O

Day 2

Breakfast in Dalj, transportation to the wine museum in Osijek, where starts new shares towards Baranja.

Day 3

Breakfast in ethno village Karanac, walking towards Knezevi Vinogradi, Suza and Zmajevac

Day 4

Breakfast in Bilje, transport to the departure point.

What's included

  • full pension (breakfast, lunch, dinner) 
  • all accommodation and lodging during stay 
  • tourist tax
  • local transportation and all of the above activities
  • tickets on route 
  • routes guide

What's not included

  • journey fees to the starting point of the route
  • cost of returning home
  • travel insurance
  • cost of visas (if required)

More information

Physical shape

Walking shares will require a high level of physical fitness. The organizer provides (in reserve) vehicle that is at all times ready to lead those who feel tired for the next point on the route. Although, Slavonia and Baranja dominated lowland profile which will significantly facilitate walking and make it more fun but difficult. 

Required equipment 

For this route you do not need special accessories. If you want to, you can bring your camera and/or video camera and record the moments along the route. It is not advisable to carry a large camera with a lot of enhancements since the harder stuff after a long walk can become a nuisance. 


Participants are located in private tourist farms along the route. All accommodations are equipped with a TV set and the ability to use the free wireless Internet access.

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999,00 kn
cca 130,00 €
cca 42.000,00 Ft
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